Todd Walters Participates in Fireside Chat with Chief Judge of PTAB

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) conducted a special “Boardside Chat” webinar with Chief Judge David Ruschke. Todd Walters represented the American Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Section (ABA-IPL).

The program, moderated by Vice Chief Judge Janet Gongola, was focused on three topic areas: the origins and history of the PTAB, AIA trials and new developments and operational procedures.  Interviewers asked the Chief Judge questions pertaining to each of the topic areas. During the first portion of the interview, the Chief Judge answered a variety of questions pertaining to the evolution and growth of the PTAB, the current management structure, current challenges and goals, and the PTAB’s contingency plans should the Supreme Court find that IPRs are unconstitutional in the Oil States case. During the second portion of the interview, the Chief Judge discussed best practices for petitioners and patent owners, motions to amend, multiple petitions, remand procedures and anticipation of any new rules or revision to the Trial Practice Guide. Finally, the Chief Judge addressed assignment of cases to Judges, expanded panels, informative and precedential proceedings, consistency in decision making and the use of live testimony during AIA proceedings.

It is anticipated that a complete video of the webinar will be posted on the USPTO website in the coming weeks.

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