Buchanan’s Patent Office Litigation Team Identified as a Top 5 Performer in Defending Patents in IPR Proceedings

Patexia, an intellectual property (IP) company that performs analytical studies for IP-related issues, issued a report on June 14, 2017 titled “Top 5 Performing Law Firms in IPR.”  Patexia identified Buchanan’s Patent Office Litigation Practice Group as a top 5 performer based on its rate of success in defending patents in IPR proceedings. Patexia’s report indicated that Buchanan’s Patent Office Litigation Practice Group has a success rate of 73% in defending patents challenged in IPR proceedings.

An inter partesreview (IPR) is an adversarial proceeding conducted before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in which a third party petitioner challenges the validity of an issued patent.  In the last five years, IPRs have become a popular choice for contesting the validity of issued patents.  According to the PTAB’s most recent statistics, over 6,300 IPR petitions have been filed since September 2012.  IPRs serve as a faster, more cost-efficient alternative to contesting the validity of issued patents in district courts.  

Todd Walters, Chair of Buchanan’s Patent Office Litigation Practice Group, commented that “Patexia’s report illustrates the quality and sophistication of our team in securing positive results for our clients in complex, high-stakes adversarial proceedings.”

Patexia’s report can be accessed here.

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  1. As an expert witness, I have worked with the Buchanan team on a number of occasions, and can personally attest to the exceptional level of professionalism, knowledge, and commitment that is consistently demonstrated by everyone there.


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